Bits Of The Weekend! Pancakes, French Macarons & A Catskills Motel!

/ Monday, June 24, 2013

I know we already chatted about coffee briefly, but how was your weekend?  Any adventures worth noting? We took a quick trip to the Catskills for a family party, stayed in a super retro motel and had buttermilk pancakes for breakfast at a local diner. Even a quick overnight trip can feel refreshing, right?
I'm rationing this little box of macarons my mom brought along from her trip to Paris. Ladurée added a few flavors to their repertoire since I lived there, like the Chocolate-Coconut on the upper left. Saving pistachio (my favorite) for last! xo Erin


  1. I LOVE pancakes on the weekend. Something about a delicious stack on a Sunday's just perfection.

  2. I love all of these pictures! When you start a post off with a big picture of
    pancakes then you know you are in for a treat. I am so glad to hear that you
    enjoyed your weekend.

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