Yoo-hoo! Important Message for all RSS Subscribers (RIP Google Reader)

/ Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sadly, Google Reader’s closing up shop on July 1st (sniff!)—how quickly did that creep up!? Not going to lie, I'm kind of grumpy about it. I mean, is it just me or did you have a hard time finding a new reader that felt right, too?

I finally settled on Feedly and I highly recommend it (she says begrudgingly). The interface is very user-friendly and clean (far prettier than Google Reader). You can toggle between card view (above), list view, magazine view (below) or whole article view. Also it's super easy to transfer your Google Reader feeds right to Feedly. I'm thanking my stars that I didn't have to do that manually! 
If you're not already and you'd like to subscribe to Food & Femininity, click on the Feedly icon (right column of my site) or sign up for email updates, also on the right. You could always follow along on Twitter or Facebook, if you'd prefer!I know a lot of people are loving on Bloglovin, too. Which reader do you think you'll go with? I'd love to know! Whichever you chose, though, I hope you'll continue reading Food & Femininity! xo Erin 
[Grumpy Cat cake by The Chubby Bunny]

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