Make Your Home Smell AMAZING With Pinterest's Secret Room Spray!

/ Thursday, June 21, 2018

Have you heard of the 2-ingredient recipe people are calling the best smelling room spray ever? Apparently it's the secret to a house the smells amazing, even if it's less than fresh! So I decided to give it a try in a new series I'm calling "Mama Tried!"

My goal has always been to have a home that people walk into and say "oh my gosh, it smells amazing in here!" With our little baby on the way, I know things are going to get a bit stinkier than I might like—that comes with the territory, right?—but I wanted to find a way to combat odor without a bunch of chemicals that could aggravate her sweet, sensitive body.

That's how I came across this "secret spray" on Pinterest! Every post I read said this 2-ingredient recipe creates the most incredible, long-lasting scent. All you need: fabric softener and baking soda. To keep things as natural as possible, I sought out Mrs Meyer's fabric softener (not sponsored, this is just what we use in our home). It might not be chemical-free but I feel a lot better using this around the house than other store-bought sprays. And, honestly, it smells so much better, too! Here's how it's done...

MAKES: 1 bottle

3 tablespoons baking soda
9 tablespoons fabric softener (your choice)
9 tablespoons warm water

1. In an empty spray bottle, combine the baking soda, fabric softener and water. 
2. Shake the solution to combine; use as needed. Re-shake between sprays if needed. 

Do you have another recipe or idea I should try as a new mama, I'd love your suggestions! xo Erin


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