Hello! My name is Erin Phraner. I'm the food-maker and blogger behind Hey, EEP! (previously known as Food & Femininity). You may ask, why the switch?! Let me explain:

1. Food & Femininity was kind of a stupid name. We can all agree on that right? But I started this blog another lifetime ago and we all make poor choices sometimes.

2. EEP! Is my nickname. Yes, like the sound a baby chick makes. My full name is Erin Elizabeth Phraner. My friends call me EEP. I love getting to know you gals through the blog and I consider us friends, so it felt super appropriate!

I started this blog in 2008. I was living in Paris—performing in a musical, taking pastry class, eating too much baguette—and created this blog to archive my ample food trysts. Nine years later, I'm a food editor at a lifestyle magazine in New York City and Hey, EEP! has grown into a playful food and lifestyle site, dedicated to recipes, cocktails, DIYs and the other girlie things that make me tick! 

I hope you come away with tips and encouragement that make you feel like a total domestic ace in the kitchen and beyond! 

I live in Brooklyn with my dashing fiance—also a food writer. I learned to cook from the beautiful ladies in my family, then went to The French Culinary Institute (now ICC) at night while working at Food Network Magazine. I hate green bell pepper and licorice. My cocktail is an ice-cold gin martini with a twist! 

If you'd like to chat or if you have a question, please email me at heyeepemails(at)gmail.com or send me a Facebook message! 

I'm a regular contributor to two of my favorite blogs. Click on the logos below to access my "5-Ingredient Recipe column" on Freutcake or trendy, easy recipes for Refinery29

I post new recipes each week! Stay up-to-date via FacebookFeedly or BlogLovin, or subscribe for email updates on the main page (righthand side)! 


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Let's chat! And be sure to check back—I make an effort to respond to every comment! xo EEP

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