Bunny-Butt Banana Pancakes for Easter!

/ Friday, March 27, 2015

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I don't often say I'm craving cottontail but these Bunny-Butt Banana Pancakes have this Easter-eater singing a different tune! I've seen a zillion complicated bunny pancake ideas online but (real talk) I'm no pancake artist, nor do I want to be. All you need for these 3-ingredient bunnies: 1 regular round pancake, 2 banana slices and a dollop of whipped cream!

9 Ways To Have The Hottest, Hoppiest Easter EVER!

/ Thursday, March 26, 2015

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When you have Easter on the brain, the only logical thing to do is surround yourself with adorable bunnies, the fluffiest salad, chocolate, ice cream and lots of eggs. When else are you going to do it!? Here are nine easy ways to make this Easter your most epic one yet! One...two...three...cuteness overload!

5-Ingredient Salmon & Yogurt Sauce

/ Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I write a 5-ingredient recipe column for my fave gal Leah Bergman over on Freutcake! I was totally jazzed when she asked me to focus on a fast, healthy, tasty dinner recipe for spring because this Salmon & Yogurt Sauce recipe is a go-to in our house. Get ready for some (easy) clean eatin'!
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