Easy, Cheesy Cheddar–Green Chile Shamrock Pie!

/ Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Saint Patrick's Day gets the short end of the holiday stick. Maybe it's because March kind of sucks. Maybe it's because Leprechauns are creepy. And, let's face it, very few people can pull off kelly green. You know what makes it better, though? Beer, duh. And this easy, cheesy,  Shamrock Pie!

Corn Dog Bites! Delightful 2-Ingredient Recipe

/ Monday, February 16, 2015


I've only had one proper corn dog in my life. Not a fan. I like to see my hotdog before committing to a bite. Who knows what's hiding beneath that cornmeal crust! But I do love cornbread. And I extra-love hot dogs. So I get my fix from these crazy 2-ingredient Corn Dog Bites.

Welcome To Hey, EEP!


Hey there! Notice anything different? If you're looking for Food & Femininity, you're the in right place. We got a makeover...and a brand new name. I started this blog nine years ago and it was time for a refresh. EEP are my initials: Erin Elizabeth Phraner. My friends call me EEP! like the sound a baby chick makes. It's my nickname! And since we've become friends, the new name feels spot-on. 

Same blog. Same great recipes and DIYs. But since we're starting fresh, I'd love to here for you. What would you absolutely love to see on the blog? Let me know in the comments below. And, hey! Thanks for reading. 
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