5 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

/ Thursday, February 7, 2019

Valentine's Day always creeps up! But don't worry, here are five easy ideas for your kid's class, best friend, husband—anyone!—that you can pull off last minute.

1. Cupid's Bow Cookies: Such a sweet treat for class valentines, skewer soft cookies on to paper straws. Cut out triangles from construction paper and glue on to create bows.

2. Personalized Heart-Hand Cards: Fold a piece of construction paper in half. Trace a hand with your thumb and index finger extended slightly over the crease (do not cut out those 2 points). Cut out the rest of the outside perimeter of the hand, plus the small heart piece on the inside. Use a pen to write your message.

3. Heart-Shaped Button Covers: Turn any button-up shirt into a DIY Valentine's Day shirt using red felt and scissors! Here's the quick tutorial.

4. Easiest Valentine's Day Breakfast Ever: Instant breakfast in bed! Literally no effort at all, just create this cute pink-milk surprise with your valentine's favorite cereal.

5. Ruby Red Raspberry Rolls: Store-bought pizza dough makes these cinnamon-like rolls a cinch! Filled with raspberry and baked in a heart-shaped pan, they're the perfect sweet treat for your sweethearts (serves the fam)! 

I actually made a video for you gals! Here are all of the tutorials, in one easy place! Please give it a watch and let me know what you think. Share it with your friends and definitely subscribe if you'd like to see more projects and recipes - xo Erin

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