DIY Graphic Tee Patch Jeans

/ Monday, October 24, 2016

You wear graphic tees, so why not give you jeans a chance to say their piece? Learn how to transform your drab denim with varsity letter patches that scream OMG! YAY! What, too much? What would your pair say?

This post is a quickie! Long story short, I had these jeans and I like them fine but they made me sad with their boringness. I was in the craft store, saw a bunch of iron-on letters and thought, "this is it!"

Ten bucks and a few minutes later, I had a fresh pair of jeans that I honestly love. I would have given them away without this makeover, so I think it's a project well done. 

You can see the final look in this video, dance-moves included...

MAKES: 1 pair

1 pair old jeans
Assorted iron-on letter patches
Ironing board
Scrap fabric or an old t-shirt

1. Lay jean out on a flat surface. Arrange the iron-on letter on top to determine your layout.
2. Attach the iron-on letters according to the instructions using an iron and scrap fabric to cover.
3. Wash jeans on the delicate setting or hand wash moving forward! 

What do you think!? Would you add patches like this to your jeans?

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