DIY Pinky Swear Halloween Costume

/ Monday, October 31, 2016

Fuck, man! Picking a Halloween costume is rough and, if you're like me, most likely a last-minute undertaking. Want an easy idea? Like puns? Got a potty mouth? I have just the DIY costume idea for you...

Chances are you have something pink in your closet. Step one, whip that out. Sweater. Sweatshirt. T-shirt. Whatever. I ordered this awesome pink shift dress from the new Studio DIY Shop a few weeks back, so I wore that—and by the way I'm obsessed with this dress!

Next, get yourself some iron-on letters or a sharpie marker. I picked up these adorable black flock iron-on letters from Ban.Do. Put some curse words on white felt or paper that you cut out as speech bubbles.

Makes: 1 awesome costume

Pink dress or shirt
White felt or paper
Black iron-on letters or marker
Pins or needle and thread

1. Pick our your pink dress or shirt.

2. Cut white felt into speech bubble shapes using scissors.

3. Add your favorite curse words using iron-on letters or a marker. 

4. Pin or sew the swear words onto your pink base.

5. Enjoy being a total, crafty badass cuz girl you're awesome!

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