DIY Mother-Of-The-Bride Graphic Sweatshirt!

/ Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Of all the wedding tchotchkes you can buy, the mother-of-the-bride options are the most abysmal. Rhinestone trucker hats? Painted wine goblets? No thanks. My mom's far too classy-cool for that. I'm making a graphic tee she'll actually wear!

This project takes inspiration from Studio DIY's fab tutorial earlier this year. I loved how the bold white letters popped on the dark shirt. Plus Kelly reminded me of how much I totally dig iron-on crafts.

For my shirt, I went with a slouchy tri-blend number from American Apparel. It's all "sexy, who me?" in a comfy, cozy way. Perfect for KP! It was a smidge pricier than I typically spend on a DIY project since, you know, what happens if it doesn't work? But I had faith in this one.

One thing you'll definitely want to steal from me is my no-fail trick for keeping your letters super-straight. It's genius! Like, no joke. I break it down in this easy video tutorial.

MAKES: 1 shirt

1 slouchy sweatshirt
Washi tape, for straightening
2 packages block letter iron-ons
Iron, for adhering

1. Spread out the sweatshirt on a flat surface. Find the seam under each armpit and run a piece of washi tape evenly from one to the other—this is your first super-straight line! Repeat a few inches above to create your template two-line template.

2. Peal off and arrange the letter on your sweatshirt using the washi tape lines as a guide, sticky-side down. 

3. Preheat your iron. Carefully press down the letters partially so they don't move around. Remove the washi tape guides, then press down completely, at least 10 seconds over each spot. Turn your sweatshirt inside out and iron for 10 seconds in each spot again. 

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