13 Modern Bridal Bits & Baubles!

/ Saturday, February 6, 2016

We've talked about how tricky it is to find cool wedding swag in the current sea of screen-printed atrocities and calligraphy overload! If you're a bride or someone shopping for a bride, here's a baker's dozen worth of flare gals like us would actually wear...

1. Forever stamp: Love is forever and us brides have stamps on the brain.

2. Diamond: 
Because you know we still can't stop staring at the one on our finger.

3. Petit Fours: 
They're pink and cute and remind us of all the tasty wedding cake samples.

4. Mrs Ring: 
This simple signet is totally welcome to join our fancy finger party. 

5. Perfume: A new way to test out our wedding scent before the big day.

6. Match Clutch: Perfect for all pre-wedding festivities and long after the big day.

7. Red rose: 
It says, "Please still surprise me with roses after you've locked this down." 

8. Monogram: 
We're always looking for new ways to sport our soon-to-be monogram.

9. Girl: 
To wear in honor of our lovely girl gang who's agreed to stand with us and endure group emails. 

10. Bubbly: 
Because all the champagne...all the time...before, during and after the wedding! 

11. Pink Rose: 
To remind us of the gorgeous bouquets we chose after endless hours on Pinterest.

12. My Heart Belongs To: 
A mantra to repeat when planning gets tough—it's all that matters, after all! 

13. Cry Baby: We already know we're going to sob our eyes out, might as well start owning it now.

No. 1 Stamp Pin  |  No. 2 White Diamond Pin  |  No. 3 Petit Four Pin  |  No. 4 Mrs Ring  |  No. 5 Perfume Pin    
No. 6 Perfect Match Clutch  |  No. 7 Red Rose Pin  |  No. 8 Monogram Pin  |  No. 9 Girl Pin   
No. 10 Bubbly Pin  |  No. 11 Pink Rose Pin  |  No. 12 Heart Patch  |  No. 13 Cry Baby Patch 

Have you come across any other wedding flare ideas? I'd love to see! xo Erin

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