Cute Succulent DIY Valentines for Good Housekeeping!

/ Friday, February 12, 2016

Don't worry, we'll talk about what to do with the chocolates! But if you're looking for DIY valentines with a creative twist, I'd love to share with you an idea I dreamed up for Good Housekeeping. These teeny chocolate box planters are a cute way to tell someone you're a succ-er for their love...

The instructions and downloadable tags for this project are over on Good Housekeeping's website (here's a link to my other stories if you're interested)! Plus you can check out how I made them in this fun video...

And I promised you info about what to do with the chocolates, since, that appears to a big question mark for some people...

Guys! It's chocolate. Eat it! Or if you don't want to eat it, pack it up in another little box and give it to your valentine as a bonus gift. If you're still worried about the future of those 8 tiny chocolates, here are 10 other ideas you could try:

1. Chop them up and stir them into brownie batter before baking.
2. Freeze them up to 1 year and always have a chocolate-fix on hand.
3. Have a solo chocolate and wine pairing night on a random Tuesday.
4. Stir one into your morning coffee until it melts; instant mocha! 
5. Give them to your desk neighbor at work.
6. Stir into softened ice cream and refreeze for a custom no-churn creation.
7. Freeze, then wrap in pie crust and bake for chocolate hand pies.
8. Mix, chopped, with nuts and dried fruit for DIY trail mix. 
9. Use them to decorate a store-bought cake for your next party.
10. Give them to your kids, grandma, mailman—anyone who likes treats! 

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