14 Coziest Ways To Boldy Decorate Your Home with Food!

/ Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Show your snacks how much you love them by sprinkling their photo around your home in the best and boldest way possible. These colorful cushions give any nook or cranny a quick summery makeover, each splashed with vibrant fruit prints (or one shocking milk spill). Did I mention they're all on sale...

This is not a sponsored post, I just happen to love Society6 products. When I got the alert that said they're having a major sale, I had to share it with you guys! They have countless designs but I've always obsessed over their food prints, especially the ones by Bouffants & Broken Hearts and Georgiana Paraschiv. Here are my faves starting....(above) Watermelon ($20) / The Fresh Lemon ($20)

Watermelon and Leaves ($20) / Pineapple ($20)
Banana Print ($20) / Pink Bananas ($20)

Bold Papayas ($20) / Got Milk? ($20)

Strawberry, 2013 ($20) / Jugend Goes Bananas ($20) 
Tropicalia ($20) / Blackberries Pattern ($20)
Banana Pattern II ($20) / Wild Pineapple ($20)

Which pillows would you love to toss on your couch this summer? Any other ones on the site that stick out to you? Let me know! xo Erin

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