7 Easy Tricks For AWESOME Engagement Photos!

/ Monday, July 20, 2015

Today I'm sharing my easy tips for the most awesome engagement photos ever! You don't want to skip these tested secrets, trust me. Engagement photos live forever! And you want them to look good. Well, here's how you make sure that happens...

1. Have 1 to 2 warm-up cocktails.
Indulge in a round before you get snapping. This is an unusual experience and it's a little nerve wracking. Loosen up! A little forced relaxation will help. But keep it to two drinks tops! Any more, you start looking sloppy on camera.

2. Wear something that moves.
Clothes that twist and twirl in the breeze are the most flattering in photos. Save the bandage dress for your bachelorette party! Very few people look comfortable stuffed into a micro-number. Movement equals instant romance—take advantage! I decided on the Emeline Dress from Le Fou by Wilfred. Backless. Pure silk. Effortlessly sexy.

3. Tie in your wedding colors.
Or if you haven't chosen them yet, stick with a neutrals. Chances are these images will interact with you big day in some way: Wedding website, invites, reception decor. Consider the palate of your whole shoot, not just what you're wearing. I love how the modern blue of our wedding scheme is reflected in Alan's shirt, my nails and especially the moody twilight of downtown Manhattan in the background.

4. Pretty-laugh when you feel stupid. 
It's awkward! Most couples don't make a regular thing of getting their photos taken, so inevitably there will be moments that you feel weird. Laugh. Your partner will laugh too and probably wonder, "what's so funny?" But hey! Now you're both laughing and when the photos come back, it'll just look like you're having a great time! Practice in the mirror before you go.

5. Hire a photographer you click with.
More specifically, hire Nicki Sebastian!! (Hey, Nicki!) We just love her brains out and I think that comes across in the photos. Beyond being a remarkably gifted photographer, Nicki makes my fiancé and me feel totally at ease. That makes all the difference in photos! Also, I highly recommend using your wedding photographer for the engagement session. It's great practice as a little wedding-capturing trio. I was already excited for Nicki to shoot our wedding but now I'm even more thrilled if that's even possible.

6. Plan something fun to do afterward.
You're both dressed nicely and hyped up on love, go out and make a night of it! Huddle over a few martinis in a romantic bar corner and get really silly dreaming about your big day! Celebrate however you'd like! Just make it memorable. Going straight home to fold the laundry would be such a waste.

7. Let your fiancé play with your hair.
This seems random but I promise it works! My groom did this totally on his own. Having their hands in your hair fluffs everything up, makes your mane look major and it's sexy! No need to flip your hair over and fix it between snaps. This trick fixes everything!

Watch the full video! 

That's it! What did I miss? Which tips would you add? Brides. Photographers. Chime in. Make sure you check out Nicki Sebastian's website for even more amazing photos xo Erin


  1. These photos are perfect! Your tips are great, I agree with all of them. :)

    Girly world

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