Easiest DIY Bold Gem Earrings EVER!

/ Monday, July 13, 2015

How many of you have fallen in love with a party dress and pictured the perfect earrings to go with it...only to find that ear candy doesn't really exist in stores? That happened to me this past Friday, hours before we left for an out-of-town wedding. With no earrings and no time left, the only real solution to try was a DIY...

Thankfully, making earrings is the easiest homemade jewelry project in the whole world. Plus it's way more budget-friendly than store-bought. This pair worked out to $3 total. Score! I got my supplies at the Bead Center here in NYC but I've found all of these tools at regular craft stores, too, fancy beads included! 

I break down the whole project with step-by-step instructions in the video (below) but I think you get the picture. Buy really strong glue; glue something onto plain earring posts. You've got this, girl! 

I went for a plain, bold, chunky turquoise stud to match my dress (called The Nashville) by Reformation—love! You could do this same project with another stone, buttons, tassels, pebbles, pennies, marshmallows, whatever you'd like. Here's how it's done...

Makes: 1 pair

Plain earring posts with backs
Professional-grade glue
Gems, buttons or other adornments 
OPTIONAL: Painter's tape, you'll see why

1. Stick the earring posts in a roll of painter's tape to hold them up while you work. 
2. Spread glue on the earring posts. Gently place your gem and move 'em around until they're in the right spot. 
3. Let dry as the instructions on your glue label directs. Wear those bad boys!

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