DIY Boozy Bridesmaid Proposal

/ Monday, July 6, 2015

Planning the perfect bridesmaid proposal doesn't have to be elaborate. If a typical girls-night-in involves a pitcher of margaritas and a marathon of The Bachelorette, this is the DIY proposal idea for you! I mean, nothing puts you in the wedding "spirit" quite like tequila...

Quick recap: You'll get plenty of different DIY bridesmaid proposal ideas from Hey, EEP Weddings! Remember these chatty French macarons? But so far, this project is my favorite. It's all love without the cheese. All sparkle without the sticky sweetness. It just felt like me!

I popped the question to one of my besties Carrie Goldberg, fashion editor at Martha Stewart Weddings, at a cheesy Tex-Mex joint in Hells Kitchen. The theme was spot-on. The mood was right. But I was totally sweating! It was either nerves or the tub of queso I ate before she got there...
Anyway, she said YES! And you can easily pull off this proposal, too. I created my card in seconds using the sparkly All Wrapped Up Sticker Sheets from Meri Meri Party Supplies (my faves!) but I just saw they're out of stock online. No worries! I've created a template below that you can download and print for free! 

The only other supplies you need to pull of this wedding DIY: Gift box, paper crinkle grass (if you want to recreate my look exactly) and tequila! Carrie loves sipping a nice tequila on the rocks, that sexy lady! I chose Alacrán for its smooth and subtle taste—bonus points for being made by a small independent company. Okay fine, the cool bottle helped, too! Here's how it's done...

MAKES: 1 gift

1 gift box, filled with paper crinkles (optional) 
1 bottle tequila
1 Meri Meri Sticker note or printed FREE download

1. Decorate your gift box however you'd like! I used stickers because they're awesome.
2. Insert tequila into the box. Top with the appropriate note. Close the box and secure. 
3. Tie a pretty ribbon around the gift box because your lady is special. Now pop the question!   

Have you ever been bridesmaid proposed to before? How did she do it—I'm dying to know! xo Erin

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