The Ultimate 10-Minute Snack Stadium—Last Minute Super Bowl Idea!

/ Friday, January 31, 2014

Before we all sign off for the weekend, I have a few last-minute Super Bowl recipes and ideas that I'd love to share with you. Get ready, it's going to be crazy, man. First up, my 10-Minute Snack Stadium!

I dreamed up this snack structure for the Good Housekeeping blog. It's perfect for eleventh-hour Super Bowl celebrators (like me)! Snack stadiums have become a staple on the web and in the homes of festive football fans—have you seen some of these!?—but simplicity is the classy/time-saving key to my edible arena. Pare down the ingredients, minimize manhandling, and streamline serving! Ready? Let's go...

- Cover at flat surface with a tablecloth. Use a solid color or football field pattern. A fabric tablecloth will help your snack table feel a little more grownup and elevated. If damage control is your concern, however, use a heavy-duty plastic tablecloth instead.

- Put 2 to 3 large pieces aluminum foil on top of the tablecloth where you’ll build the stadium, if desired. This way you can crumble up any crumbs in the foil and just toss it for easy cleanup.


- Use pans you already have in your kitchen (glass or metal) or purchase disposable foil versions of all of these containers from a party supply store. You’ll need…

  • 1 rectangular (11-by-7-inch or 9-by-13-inch) baking dish
  • 6 mini loaf pans
  • 4 ramekins
  • 24 to 36 cans beer and/or soda
- Assemble the stadium structure: Set the rectangular baking dish at the center of your table (on top of the foil, if using). Arrange 2 mini loaf pans on either long side of the baking dish. Put 1 mini loaf pan at each short end. Set the 4 ramekins at the corners, these are for the condiments.

- My biggest party fear is running out of drinks before the fun ends, so I always keep at least one extra case of beer on hand. Here those extras act as the stadium wall, while the real stash of drinks stays cool in the fridge. Don’t worry, though! In a pinch, you can tap into this reserve without compromising the stadium (since the snacks are safely nestled within individual vessels).

- Group snacks near the appropriate condiments. For example, I placed the veggies near the ranch dressing and the tortilla chips between the salsa and queso.

- Think about color: Avoid an all-beige stadium by adding veggies, cheese puffs or cheese-flavored chips.


- Spread 6 to 8 cups guacamole in the rectangular baking dish in a smooth, even layer. Drag an offset spatula over the surface, gently lifting it straight off at the ends, to make the top as smooth as possible.

- Spoon a scoop of sour cream into the corner of a resealable plastic bag, snip a small piece from the tip and pipe line marking onto the guacamole. Avoid numbers, they’ll just look messy!

- Fill the 4 ramekins with salsa, queso, ketchup and ranch dressing. Feel free to swap in your own favorite condiments, if desired.

- Fill the 6 mini loaf pans with assorted snacks. I used tortilla chips, Doritos, Tater Tots, pigs in a blanket (frozen Hebrew National—they’re just as good as homemade and a lot faster!) and sliced bell peppers.

- Arrange the 24 to 36 cans beer and/or soda around the stadium to make the wall.

That's it! Pretty easy right? For even faster prep, skip the tots and piggies (which need to be warmed in the oven) and replace 'em with ready-to-eat snacks, like pretzels or cheesy crackers.

For more set-up and clean-up tips, head over to the Good Housekeeping blog—and keep you eyes open for more Super Bowl party ideas coming your way this afternoon!! xo Erin 

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