The Best Store For Unusual Candy In NYC: Sockerbit! (LOVE)

/ Thursday, November 8, 2012

Good morning, all! We woke up to a snowy white Brooklyn and it made me think of these sugary blueberry pie candies from my favorite candy store in NYC, Sockerbit! (Yes, I really do have sweets on the brain all of the time.) I'm obsessed with them! They taste fabulous and they looks like little snow-covered berries, so they're perfect for decorating wintry cakes.

I allow myself to go to Sockerbit about once a month. The store's stocked with obscure Swedish candies in every shape, color and flavor: I'm partial to the marshmallows, gummis, sour candies and chocolates—good heavens it's my happy place! Here are some of my favorites...

I highly recommend treating yourself to some Sockerbit candy when you're in the neighborhood. It's at 89 Christopher St in the West Village (here's the map). My advice: Try everything! And pick up some extras to keep on hand for holiday dessert decorating. The colors and textures of the candies are so unique, they can dress up any cake/cupcake/etc.

[Photos from Sockerbit's website]

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