Kitchen Cure: Homemade Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub!

/ Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Umm, so it's like winter now huh? When did this happen! Our apartment's icy when we get up in the morning, my nose gets all pink on the way to work, and chapped lips are becoming a thing...I have a remedy for that, at least: homemade lip scrub!  I make this every year to slosh off dry smoocher skin when the temperature drops. It works like a charm. Here's what I do! 


Granulated sugar
Vanilla extract, for flavoring (optional) 

Mix equal parts sugar and vaseline in a paper cup or bowl (it's hard to clean off of mixing bowls). Stir in a drop of vanilla extract, if desired. Transfer to a small container. To use, rub a scoop of lip scrub over your dry lips to exfoliate. Wipe off the lip scrub with a paper towel and apply lip balm, gloss or lipstick as usual.

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