Kitchen Cure: Homemade Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub!

/ Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our apartment's icy when we get up in the morning, my nose gets all pink on the way to work, and chapped lips are becoming a thing...I have a remedy for that, at least: homemade lip scrub!  I make this every year to slosh off dry smoocher skin when the temperature drops. It works like a charm. Here's what I do!


Granulated sugar
Vanilla extract, for flavoring (optional) 

Mix equal parts sugar and vaseline in a paper cup or bowl (it's hard to clean off of mixing bowls). Stir in a drop of vanilla extract, if desired. Transfer to a small container. To use, rub a scoop of lip scrub over your dry lips to exfoliate. Wipe off the lip scrub with a paper towel and apply lip balm, gloss or lipstick as usual.

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