Comfort Food Classic: Homemade Chocolate Pudding Round-Up

/ Thursday, August 23, 2012

You'll see plenty of soft, squishy foods on F&F this weekend: boyfriend's getting his wisdom teeth taken out! Obviously it wouldn't be right for a food editor to soothe her partner with all jello packs and Häagen Dazs (though store-bought rum raisin is in his future), so I've planned out a menu of homemade cushy foods: vichyssoise, pommes purée, Nana's bread pudding, smoothies and chocolate pudding.

Speaking of chocolate pudding, I lost my recipe—serves me right for scribbling it down on scrap paper. I'm in the market for a new one. Do you have a favorite? Jess Simpson of Forgiving Martha suggested this healthy version made with avocado (so cool)! Here are some other rad looking recipe from around the web:

What did you eat when you had your wisdom teeth out? I remember a lot of mashed sweet potatoes and apple sauce...

Semisweet / Double Chocolate / Dark Chocolate / Low Calorie / No Cook


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