Reader Appreciation Day (no. 3)

/ Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Reader Appreciation Day! Each week the person(s) who leave the most comments on the blog will get a special shout-out. I love reading your notes. Keep 'em coming! 

Super excited that seattle-based blogger Tanya, of His Little Lady, liked the homemade chocolate pudding round-up post yesterday. Have you seen her blog? What a charming collection of photos and tales. Oh, and I completely adore her profile photo. How beautiful is it?! Tanya runs a small online graphic design business for bloggers with Allison, of Allison Celestia. They make blog buttons, headers, logos and favicons for blogspot sites and I must say, their work is pretty rad! Take a peak, here. Should F&F get a makeover? 

The Tomato-Cheese Fried Egg Tartine recipe got some comment-love from Tara O'Keeffe, of Fun Fearless Foodie. She does Meatless Mondays almost every night at home. She recently posted about Macron Mania at ICC hosted by Chef Instructor Kir Rodriguez. He demoed how to make Parisian macrons—not the sticky coconut ones—and I kind of which I snuck in :) Mine never look that perfect. How pretty are they?

Any-hoo! Look for a new Reader Appreciate Day next Friday. Whoever leaves the most comments gets a tip of the hat and unconditional love from moi :) Enjoy your Friday. Cheers!

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