Cupcake for a Cause: Rachel's 22nd Birthday!

/ Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's Rachel's birthday! Well almost. September 21st is Rachel's birthday, but it's close enough. I spent all of last night frosting these babies. It was a two day process, 50 cupcakes!, but it was well worth the work. 
These are only one of two different cupcakes I crafted for Rachel's picnic. The others were lemon cake with vanilla frosting that were colored pink for the occasion! These babies were the mother load. 
These are my Apple Spice Cupcakes with salt caramel finished off with a maple cream cheese frosting. The cake is so moist with flecks of fresh apple baked right in. After the cupcakes have cooled, I slice off a thin layer of the cupcake top and brush the cake with homemade salt caramel while its still hot. The cupcakes are refrigerated over night, then topped off with a mountain of maple cream cheese frosting.  
If anyone wants the recipe, let me know! Look at what 50 cupcakes did to our fridge. It was a complete take over. 

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