The Most Lovely Afternoon Picnic

/ Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rachel's Birthday Picnic in Central Park 
Well. Those of us who showed up had a lovely time. We invited the entire Ed. Theatre program to join us for a celebration, but they were all no shows! Tisk, tisk my friends. What happened? No matter. More cupcakes for us. We all met up at Sheep's Meadow for a late afternoon picnic amongst the yellow balloons, random tourists and the occasional steamy jogger.

Emily and I came straight from seeing Man of All Seasons, just in time for birthday cupcakes. Finally, here are some photos of the lemon cupcakes.  They were light and zesty, just how I loved my lemon cake. I hope Rachel felt the same way! I actually tapped into my Magnolia cookbook and gave their vanilla frosting a second chance. It was a redeeming experience, the frosting came out much better than I had remembered from previous attempts. Perhaps it was because the citrus zing of the lemon cupcakes. I think vanilla cake and Magnolia frosting overdoes it a bit. 

Ah yes, the Apple Spice Cupcakes. They were loved by all. I confess to having two within a ten minute window...seriously that good. Even Emily had to double fist. I have a feeling these will make another appearance as the weather continues to chill. 

Here is the lovely Ms. Ashleigh Hill: Thanks for letting me use your camera :)
Myself & Emily Pre-Cupcakes
Ashleigh mid-cupcake
We had a pretty sweet set every way possible. Emily & I tried to steal children. We got in trouble. 

Marissa & Myself
*Birthday Girl* 

Well to sign off for this evening, here is a fantastic example of our college education. Eclectic movement much? Now Ed. Theatre friends...don't you wish that you came! Just kidding loves, we missed you. 


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