Welcome Home My Bald Olympian

/ Saturday, August 23, 2008

What a weekend. Not only was it optimal beach weather today, Faja Phraner is on his way home from China as we speak! Katherine and I are leaving in about an hour to pick him up from the airport. Sneaky women...we called and canceled his limo service yesterday afternoon. We wanted to surprise him and retrieve the old man ourselves.

To show Faja how much I've missed him I decided to bake his favorite cake. It's grandma's recipe...no other details will be revealed. Let's just say, there's a secret about this cake that no one will ever get out of the Phraner circle of trust. The cake is a normal butter cake with chocolate buttercream. Plain. Simple. Delectable. 

We only have two days to shower our Faja with love before he's gone again for another month so keep a look out for more baked goods. We have to treat him right when he's around and that means sweets! 

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