DIY Baby Shower Personalized Onesies

/ Monday, April 9, 2018

Baby clothes are just the CUTEST! So tiny, so sweet, so tempting to buy a zillion teeny things! Whether you’re dressing your own little or you’re searching for an easy DIY baby shower gift, these graphic tee onesies say it all!

It’s fair to say, as a low key shop-a-holic who’s 7-months pregnant...I’m a bit baby clothing obsessed! One thing I cannot stand, though: all of the cheesy phrase t-shirts, onesies and dresses you see in the stores and online. Whats with the corniness!?

In an effort to stock our baby girl’s closet with a few essentials that don’t make me cringe AND don’t break the bank, I set out to turn a bulk-pack of onesies into itty-bitty graphic tees even I’d be down to wear.

Iron-on letters aren’t anything new. But sometimes I forget how easy it is to get exactly what you want with a pack of letters and one swipe of the iron. I got these ones from, here's the link if you're interested.

I’ve made similar personalized onesies for baby showers and they’re the perfect gift! Compared to the custom finds you can buy on Etsy, I think they’re cuter and way more affordable.

I’m actually organizing a similar craft project for our baby bash at the end of this month! We’ll be using stamps instead of iron-ons which I’m excited about, I’ll share pictures when they’re done!


1 (5-pack) plain onesies, washed & dried
1 napkin, towel or scrap cloth
Iron & ironing board

1. Lay out your onesies on a flat surface.

2. Cut out iron-on letters using scissors and arrange on the onesies to determine your phrases and placement.

3. One onesies at a time, cover your letters with a napkin and iron without steam according o the package instructions. Turn the onesies inside out and iron the other side to make sure the glue really sticks!

4. Peel off the plastic backing from the letters. Cover with the napkin and iron one last time. (These extra ironing passes are my trick for getting the adhesive to really stick and trust me it works!)

TIP: Pick 1 or 2 phrases you really want to use, then use the remaining letters in the pack to come up with other sayings to include! It’s a great way to use up as many letters as possible...instead of having to buy multiple packs!

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