Recycled IZZE Can Gift Tags

/ Thursday, December 15, 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year! And it's also the most expensive. That's why I like to save where I can and reuse items I already have at home as much as possible. Cans in the recycling bin? Here's how you turn them into the cutest holiday gift tags...

I've always had a thing for repurposing cans and other containers into cool craft projects. It makes me feel a little less guilty about the over-flowing recycling bin. And, heck! It makes me feel darn clever coming up with cute ways to turn old things into new treasures.

This time of year, I seems like I spend just as much on pretty wrapping paper, tags and packaging than the gifts themselves! But when I saw my stash of bright-green IZZE Sparkling Apple cans I thought, "ooooh, holly leaves! Holly leaf gift tags!" Score.

Now I'm pretty cavalier when it comes to craft projects but for some reason cutting into a can scared the crap out of me. Fear not. It's not as hard nor as treacherous as you may think. In fact the only unpleasant thing about it is the noise, which, come're a grown up (aka suck it up).

You don't need any fancy tools to cut and shape the cans, regular scissors work just fine. I love how this looks with the bright green IZZE cans but I think white would look great, too. You could even paint the cans with acrylic paint for a more polished look. You know, if you have time for that kind of nonsense.

Here's a peek under our tree! This year I went for all-red wrapping paper in different patterns. The chevron and snowflake print papers are from the Container Store. The polka dot print's from Target. Super pretty and great paper quality, not that crappy stuff that tears when you cut it.

You can make these DIY gift tags for basically $0. I already had the pompoms at home. Hot glue's a given in this house. I saved up my IZZE cans for a week and had enough tags for every gift under our tree. Merry crafting to all and to all a good night...

Makes: 5 tags

1 empty can
Scrap cardboard (optional)
Permanent marker
Glue dots or hot glue gun
Red pompoms 

1. Cut the bottom and top off of a can using a sharp pair of scissors; be careful!

2. Draw a holly leaf shape onto scrap cardboard to make a template, if desired, or draw the shape directly onto the can sheet.

3. Cut out as many holly leaves as possible from the piece of can metal.

4. Attach three leaves and one pompom to make a holly leaf tag using glue dots or a glue gun. 

5. Write the name of the gift recipient on a leaf using the permanent marker.

TIP: If little fingers will be around these tags, consider softening any sharp edges by ending the leaf edges with sandpaper. 

Disclosure: IZZE sent me these products to try, which was so nice! As usual, all content and opinions are that of my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who support Hey, EEP!

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