5 Unique DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

/ Friday, April 8, 2016

Soon after the question's popped a whole other set of proposals are set in motion. Bridesmaids! What special, thoughtful, personal thing will you do to gather your ladies? Here are a few awesome ideas they'll actually love...
1. CUSTOM CHEERS! Pack up a bottle of her favorite drink in a confetti-filled box. Top with a message that says you can't get in the wedding "spirit" without her (full instructions and printables here) and crack that baby open during a long night of stuffing welcome bags together.

2. DONUT WEDDING CAKES Transform her favorite donuts into mini naked wedding cakes to give to her when you pop the question! Top with cute sprinkles and fresh flowers for the full bridal effect. 

3. MACARON MESSAGE Grab a food coloring pen and write your proposal on a box of French macarons, who doesn't love those!? Here are the instructions. Arrange them in a box or set out a platter for her to decode. 

4. GRAPHIC TEES Nothing gets the gang together quite like customized shirts! Invite your girls over for a boozy brunch or a fun night in and have these shirts displayed, hanging on twine using clothespins. Cute way to ask, plus super cute to wear during pre-wedding festivities. I made these shirts for my maids!

5. AIR MAIL For your bridesmaids who are too far away to ask in person, make an awesome care package to make her feel festive and fabulous. Balloons always help. I also included stickers, nail polish, headbands, heart totes, everything a soon-to-be-maiden could want! 

For even more wedding ideas, check out the Hey, EEP Wedding playlist on YouTube! Let me know which DIYs you like & subscribe for more awesome videos.

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