DIY Retro Wreath Ornaments!

/ Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Add some retro sparkle to your holiday with quick DIY wreath ornaments! The mod-inspired design could not be easier to make. They're perfect for trimming your tree or dressing up a gift! Push up your sleeves and get ready for some old-school art class fun...

This DIY's all about the Elmer's glue, kids! Remember that? Brushing it on your hands so you could peel it off? 

Anyway, this really is a fast and fun project, you'll have a blast! My family has all of these cool old ornaments. I love how simple and cheerful they look. This wreath "design" is a nod to those unique decorations! It's just a clay circle, dosed with glue and covered with glitter. Here's what you do...


Air-dry clay
Elmer's glue
Miniature pompoms

1. Shape a handful of air-dry clay into a ring; let dry as the label directs. 

2. On a covered work surface, coat the entire ring with glue. Sprinkle with glitter to coat; shake off any excess. Glue pompoms onto the ring as desired. Let dry.

3. Loop ribbon through the ring and tie to hang.

Do you have a favorite style of ornament? Are you traditional? Mod? What's your jam!? xo Erin 

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