Easiest New Years Eve Sparkle DIYs!

/ Monday, December 28, 2015

You just got through the holidays, don't stress over New Years Eve! Here are four easy ideas for creating a sparkle party on the fly. Seriously, anyone can pull these off...
First of all, one of my favorite tricks is shopping the clearance bins at the grocery store, craft store (or...let's be honestly...probably Target) for unsold Christmas decorations and party goods AFTER the holidays. The stores are looking to unload, so the price is good and all of the metallic stuff works perfectly for New Years Eve!

Idea 1: One of my favorite tricks is dressing up brownie mix with espresso or strong coffee, instead of whatever liquid the package instructions call for. 

For New Years Eve, take this hack one step further by stamping out brownies with a star cookie cutter. Top with white chocolate drizzles and Wilton's Edible Glitter Gold Stars to up the sparkle factor! 
Idea 2: You guys already know I'm obsessed with DIY coupe corsages. They're the best! Well here they get a New Years Eve twist with metallic tulle and left-over wreath picks! 
Idea 3: And one of my favorite tricks, even chips and salsa seems fancy if you plop a table-tent in front of 'em! I used black sparkle scrapbook paper and glitter stickers to create these starry-night ID cards.

Idea 4: Make the easiest champagne cocktail ever! Put 1 small scoop lemon sorbet in coupes or flutes, top with cold bubbly. If you'd like, add a splash of vodka for an extra kick.

What are your plans for New Years Eve? Are you hosting a party? Going out? Who are you kissing at midnight!? Cannot wait for all of the next year will bring...

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