Bunny-Butt Banana Pancakes for Easter!

/ Friday, March 27, 2015

I don't often say I'm craving cottontail but these Bunny-Butt Banana Pancakes have me singing a different tune! I've seen a zillion complicated bunny pancake ideas online but (real talk) I'm no pancake artist, nor do I want to be. Not a problem when it comes to this easy recipe...

For this recipe, you can make your own pancakes or feel free to grab your favorite mix. Want homemade pancakes but pressed for time? Use that nifty make-ahead trick I taught ya! I mentioned in the Pumpkin Spice Latte Waffle post that Hungry Jack Buttermilk Mix won our Good Housekeeping taste test but I love Aunt Jemima's Buttermilk Mix, too!

After the pancakes are made, there's really not much else for you to do. When you slice bananas on an angle, they look just like bunny ears—score! And a dollop of whipped cream from an old-school can looks just like a fluffy bunny tail.


Prepared pancake batter, homemade or from mix
1 to 2 large bananas, sliced diagonally 
1 can whipped cream

1. Prepare and cook pancake batter as your recipe or mix label directs! 
2. For each bunny, arrange 2 banana slices on a plate as your ears. Put 1 pancake on top. Add 1 dollop of whipped cream from the tail. That's it!

I'm dying to know, what's your Easter morning routine like? Do you make a cutest breakfast just for you and the family? Or do you host an extravagant Easter brunch? xo Erin

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