10 Fabulous Strawberry Recipes For Summer—My Latest on Refinery29!

/ Monday, June 3, 2013

How was your weekend, lovely friends!? Ours was action-packed (we had a blast visiting friends in PA), so I feel like I'm still playing catchup this morning. Which is why I totally forgot that my latest post for Refinery29, "10 Delicious Uses for Strawberries This Summer," was being published today—I did a mini-squeal when it popped up on my RSS! I love, love, love these recipes and I hope you will too. Head over to Refinery29 for all 10 strawberry dishes. Here's a little eye-candy before you go: Above, Strawberry-Goat Cheese Tart with Pistachios (in the crust and on top). 

Aha! This is the best Strawberry Milkshake recipe ever! The secret: Evaporated milk. So creamy, even when you use low-fat. Plus there's tons of fresh berries and vanilla bean.

Remember my homemade strawberry vodka, recipe? Here it is in vodka-tonic form! The rest of the recipes and photos are over on Refinery29—take a look! xo Erin

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