Short Stack! Super Designy Short-Format Cookbooks By Awesome People.

/ Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hey there, lovely friends! I've been hearing a lot about this super-rad new cookbook project, called Short Stack, and I'd love to spread the word for a few reasons:
  1. The small Brooklyn-based company has started publishing cookbooklets, each penned by a single author and focused on a single ingredient...and they're gorgeous! You can pre-order here.
  2. Two heartthrobs of the New York food-media sphere are involved in the project and they're chaps you should definitely know about! The first is Nick Fauchald, former editor and one of the creators of Short Stack. The second, my lovely chum Ian Knauer, who wrote the first edition (all about eggs)! Here he is as a cartoon...
  3. In keeping with all things Brooklyn, each cookbooklet is made using "old-school craftsmanship." The pages are printed locally on beautiful thick paper, then stitched together by hand using baker's twine. Oh! And the covers are stunning—I'd love to frame a little series in our kitchen.
  4. Short Stack looks after their writers. Authors are paid for each copy of the book printed, which (if you're familiar with the fine print of book publishing) is kind of amazing.
  5. Susan Spungen wrote a cookbooklet of strawberry recipes! She's one of my food lady crushes (as evidenced by this post), so needless to say I'm psyched. 
Anyway! I just found Short Stack's website this morning so I was inspired to share. Keep an eye out for their books this summer—I have a feeling they're going to be a big deal. My guess is Anthropologie will stock 'em by fall :) In the meantime, here's a recipe for Snow Pudding with Blood Orange Curd and Lavender from Ian's egg cookbooklet...

[photos and illustrations from Short Stack's website]

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