New Lafayette Restaurant Has Crazy Macarons—And They're Awesome!

/ Friday, April 19, 2013

There's a new café (slash) bakery in Manhattan I'd love to tell you all about: Lafayette, by chef Andrew Carmellini and his partners. Have you been yet!? Boyfriend and I stopped in for a drink last night and ended up staying for dinner...and oysters...and chocolate mousse...and coffee...and macarons. We have very little self control when we're together! Anyway, the Frenchy resto has a fully stocked bakery in front of the café—with its own Stumpton coffee blend—and I'm obsessed. The macarons they're selling are so playful and creative! Flavors like: Birthday Cake, Strawberry-Bubblegum, Salted Caramel and "The Lafayette," a combination of chocolate and bergamot (think: an orange-lemon hybrid via southern Italy). You may recall, I'm a sucker for anything birthday cake–flavored, so those little gems were definitely my favorites! Here are some other photos from our night at Lafayette...

I'm interested: Have you been to any other of Andrew Carmellini's restaurants, like The Dutch or Locanda Verde? I've had a massive food-crush on him ever since we ran this recipe for his lamb meatball sliders in the magazine. Plus, he couldn't be sweeter! xo Erin

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  1. Love these macarons...such creative flavors! Birthday cake would be the one I'd want to try the most!


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