Super Chic No-Cook Dessert: Coconut-Mango Macaroon Cakelettes!

/ Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oh hey! We've been cooking our buns off in the test kitchen, so my after-work baking sessions have waned. It's sad—sniff!but don't fret! I've been dreaming up easy no-cook desserts as a result, like this coconut macaroon ice cream cakelette. There's something so delicious and sneaky about a chic treat you can (quickly) whip up at home in time for a family meal or impromptu dinner party. It's what gives savvy hostesses that je ne said quoi! 

Coconut macaroons are the secret ingredient for these cakes. They're just soft and sticky enough to mold into any shape you'd like! I pressed them into a muffin tin to make these cakelettes but you can also go large-format by using a tart pan (like I did here for this Chocolate Macaroon Tart). I decided to fill my cakelettes with mango sorbet and shaved dark chocolate—a macaron flavor combination that was super popular when I was living in Paris—but feel free to swap in any ice cream or sorbet flavor you'd like. Here's how you make em...


1 (8-ounce) container coconut macaroons 
1 pint mango sorbet
Shaved dark chocolate, for garnish (optional)

1. For each cake, press about 8 coconut macaroons into the bottom and up the sides of an ungreased muffin tin cup, pressing and smoothing the macaroons together to form a solid base. Use a pairing knife to gently release the shell (or flip the cupcake pan upside down and tap to release). Repeat to make 4 shells. 
2. Fill each shell with 1 scoop mango sorbet and garnish with shaved dark chocolate. 


  1. Lovely! This looks like such a great combination of flavors/textures. Wonderful!

    1. Hey Sara! Thanks for the feedback—I love this flavor combination. I was actually just thinking that it might be fun to brush the inside of the macaroon shells in melted dark chocolate (chill a few minutes to set) before adding the sorbet for ANOTHER layer of chocolate :) but that's just my chocolate-loving brain going wild...Thanks, again, Sara!

  2. Hello out there! Just a heads up that when I view your blog on internet explorer (work computer - i know, who uses internet explorer?) the text displays really crazy, like in a looong line down the page. It looks ok in chrome so it must be an ie issue - may want to try and troubleshoot!

    ps must see you soon!

    1. Weird! Thanks for the heads up Robyn. I'll look into it (read: I'll ask boyfriend about it because I'm the worst at computers ever). Yes - must see you soon. So bummed I won't be here for Gatsby greatness :( xo Erin


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