7 Quick Questions To Know You Better—I'd Love To Read Your Answers!

/ Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Good morning! Let's start the day a bit differently, shall we? I was thinking about it yesterday: We don't really know each other that well and I'd love to change that! What do you think? To get the ball rolling, I thought of a few questions (below). I'll post my answers in the comments—you're welcome to do the same. I can't wait to read your responses! xo Erin

Anything else you're curious to know about me or other F&F readers? Ask away :)


  1. Alright, here it goes...

    1. Life-long New Yorker (woohoo!) currently living in Downtown Brooklyn or RAMBO, right-after-Manhattan-bridge-overpass.

    2. Where am I at? I feel like a good place! Neither single nor married but living with my truly wonderful boyfriend and it couldn't be better! I feel blessed to have a dreamy job. I'm taking on new challenges there and through the blog. Free time is chockfull of family, friends and new projects. It feels lovely!

    3. Oh gosh: My family (which very much so include boyfriend now,) seeing my brilliant/beautiful/creative friends! I wish I did it more often, traveling, dreaming of traveling, STRIPES, the smell of anything baking in the oven, babies who speak French, puppies who are so small they step on their ears, walking around the city—anywhere really—very early in the morning when everyone's still quiet and asleep, a great cup of coffee, reading your comments (it always makes my day,) being outside, milkshakes, summer Fridays, the list goes on.

    4. Every day at work. Probably 3-5 times a week at home (we go out often, so it varies).

    5. ZOMG, there are so many!
    - Leah Bergman of Freutcake
    - Camille of Camille Styles
    - Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo
    - Adrianna of A Cozy Kitchen
    - Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere
    - Ooh! Poppytalk (love that one!)
    - Victoria of GF Girl by Bay
    - Jeanie & Jack of Love & Lemons
    - Bri Emery of Design Love Fest
    - Elise & Emma of A Beautiful Mess
    ...there are so many more! I'm obsessed with girl blogs.

    6. Now that we have a giant bathtub, I've actually taken to soaking (which is so unlike me)! But a nice warm bath while reading New York Magazine, with music and maybe a little wine? Clique but so lovely! OR lounging in the park with a notebook and my camera.

    7. I'm dying to make Christina Tosi's Banana Cake but I've heard (from 3 very reliable sources) that it's, like, impossible to make. Banana cream, hazelnut crunch, chocolate hazelnut ganache, and hazelnut frosting...whatever I'm going to make it one of these days! Here's the link to the recipe: http://www.oprah.com/food/O-Magazines-10-Anniversary-Cakes-Dessert-Recipes/8#ixzz2POuyxKQZ

    That's it for me! What about YOU!?

    xo Erin

  2. Mmm! If you make that banana cake, send me a piece! ;)

    1. I certainly will, Leah! One of these days I'll be brave enough to bake it :) xo Erin

  3. I'll bite because I would love to hear from the silent readers who I hope read my blog. I came across your blog when I emailed you a question about your awesome icing color chart you did at food network.
    1. I'm from Hannibal, MO
    2. I'm married and we're expecting our first child through adoption soon!
    3. My husband, friends, baking, crafting, writing all make me happy
    4. I cook at home 2-3 nights a week and my husband also cooks. I know, super lucky. We eat most of our meals at home together.
    5. Ourbestbites.com is one of my favorite blogs. My blog is called alphabet soup and its hosted at justinandkathryn.com
    6. Like you, I love reading a book during an evening soak for some me time. I also love playing in volleyball leagues.
    7. I would like to try to make English muffins soon.

    1. Hey Kathryn!

      Thank you so very much for responding :) You made my day! Gosh, I loved that icing chart. It's nice to meet you. Congratulations on your upcoming adoption—that is incredible!—and how lucky that your new baby will have a papa who cooks!? LOVE ourbestbites.com as well—and I just started following your blog. I've also been wanting to make English muffins! I've heard Alton Brown's recipe is really good: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/english-muffins-recipe/index.html

      Anyway. Thank you, again!
      xo Erin


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