On The GHRI Blog: 9 Easy Green Desserts For Saint Patrick's Day!

/ Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Friday, lovely friends! My latest post for Good Housekeeping just popped up on the blog—here's the link! It's a roundup of 9 green desserts for Saint Patrick's day that are all super easy and festive (think mint chocolate chip cookies and such). Here are a few of my favorites, if you're interested...

Miniature kiwi tartlets—inspired by my beautiful Nanny (she loves mini phyllo tart shells)!

The perfect hue of green frosting. Use it to coat plain store-bought doughnuts, cupcakes or brownies. For even more colors, check out the frosting chart I made for Food Network Magazine last year!

Lucky Leprechaun Pudding Parfaits—brownie or cookies n' cream flavored!

And finally, chocolate dipped apples...

I'm so lame when it comes to Saint Patrick's Day. I don't even wear green! Do you do anything to celebrate? I think a lifetime of people says "Erin go baugh...less!" has done me in but I'd love to know what you do. Leave it in the comments xo Erin


  1. I always forget to wear green.. so I guess I'm lame too :).. but that Miniature kiwi tartlet is too cute for words.. and is a must try. Beautiful pics my dear!

    1. Why thank you Erika! That means a lot coming from you (your photos are picture-perfect, he he!) We can be lame-o Saint Patty's Day girls together :) xo Erin


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