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/ Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Good morning, lovely friends! If your heart gets all doughy at the sight of glazed, frosted and/or hole-y treats, then I have a new blog for you: Glazed With Sprinkles by the lovely, fellow-Brooklynite Allison McEntee. Allison and I used to work together at Food Network—her obsession was serious even then (check out her Halloween costume), so I'm thrilled to see she's taking her doughnut-dilerium to a whole new level on Tumblr. Congrats, Ally Mac! Follow along for daily updates, including products, recipes, bakery recommendations, etc.
Oh! And if that's not enough doughnut-action for you, check out my doughnut board on Pinterest, too! There's more drippy, sugary action on there than I can handle—like these Baked Macha Green Tea Doughnuts by A Beautiful Mess—drooling! xo Erin
[Doughnut collage photos from Glazed With Sprinkles / Baked Green Tea Doughnut photo by Emma of A Beautiful Mess]


  1. Damn it, Erin. Now all I want to do is eat doughnuts. Blarg.

    1. Ashleigh when do we ever NOT want to eat doughnuts! I'm right there with ya, lady :)

  2. Those all look so delicious! We have been on the search for some great little donut recipes so thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week! Xo, M&K at BT

    1. Hey M&K,

      I'm so glad you enjoyed the post (I've been hunting around for some great donut recipes too—let me know if you try anything amazing). Thanks for commenting! It led me to your blog such is adorable—you totally have a new follower :) The potato bags are fabulous.



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