Quick Tip For A Better Breakfast: Heart-Shaped Butter

/ Monday, October 1, 2012

Good morning, loves! Here's a quick way to make a simple breakfast very charming: Top toast, pancakes, French toast (anything really!) with heart shaped pats of butter. It's so simple! Here's how you do it... 

Tightly wrap 1 stick butter in plastic wrap, shape into a log. Press a skewer down the middle of the log to make an indentation; use your hands to shape the other side into a point to make a long heart-shaped log. Freeze until firm, then transfer to the refrigerator and slice as needed! 

If you really want to get fancy, try flavoring the butter before you wrap it. Try flavors like cinnamon butter (stir a little ground cinnamon into softened butter), orange butter (stir in finely grated orange zest) or bacon butter (stir in finely chopped cooked bacon)!

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