Reader Appreciate Day (no. 7)

/ Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Reader Appreciation Day! Each week the person(s) who leave the most comments on the blog will get a special shout-out. I love reading your notes. Keep 'em coming!

I'm pleased to announce that we had a three-way tie this week, a comment trifecta!  First, Tara O'Keeffe, of Fun Fearless Foodie, left a little love on the free pie porn wallpaper post. She's preparing for a long awaited trip to Paris (have a fabulous time, Tara!) and recently posted these Orange-Cinnamon Swirl Sticky Buns on her blog—j'ai besoin d'une recette pour celles-ci! 

Later in the week Aida, of Cotton Candy–Peaches, liked the Dr Pepper Red Velvet Cake recipe I made for my dear friend's birthday. Aida posted a few fall-inspired photos recently that I'm obsessed with, including this chambray shirt–sparkle skirt combo. So pretty!

Then, finally, my fabulous mother left a comment on the "What's Your Favorite Halloween Candy" post—meaning you'll see a Snickers of 100 Grands dessert recipe on the blog very soon—thanks for the inspiration, mama! Keep commenting my lovely friends and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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