Prepping For A Pig Roast: What to Bring & How-To Do It!

/ Monday, September 10, 2012

We're quickly approaching one of my favorite food days of the year: the annual pig roast at my friend Ian's family farm. Ian was a cook at Gourmet magazine (you've definitely seen his incredible recipes, like this pumpkin bread pudding and this grilled caesar salad, a concept he totally invented by the way!) and I dare say there's nothing you can throw at him that the man can't cook—including whole pigs. Last year we pig-roasted in the middle of hurricane Irene, remember these pictures? Crazy. Welp, we're driving out to Pennsylvania again Saturday morning and I cannot wait. I even know what I'm packing, already! Here are my essentials: 

Have you ever had a pig roast? Last year was my first time. If you'd like to host one yourself, Ian explains exactly how to do it in his cookbook, The Farm (shameless plug, I know! But it's so fabulous). There's an entire section on how-to roast a pig. And if that's too large-format for you, there are about a zillion other perfect recipes in the book—like his famous potato nachos. Ooo! Actually, watch this short video: Ian goes through the recipe, plus you can sneak a peek at the farm we'll be at this weekend. 

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