Obsessed: Champagne Cocktail Infographic, How Cute Is This!?

/ Tuesday, September 11, 2012

As if I needed something to feed my infographic obsession, this precious cocktail chart is pink and spiked with champagne—come on! How pretty would this be framed above a bar or cocktail cart in your home? I'm in love. 

Which champagne cocktail is your favorite? I think I'm an even split between a proper champagne cocktail (top left), a French 75 and a Pimm's Royal—all of which you can order, by the way, at the cocktail bar on my flowcart for out-of-towners trying to decide where to eat and drink in NYC (it's the best)!

[Champagne Cocktail Chart via Visual.ly, here!]


  1. "Death in the Afternoon" is the probably the best cocktail name ever!! Love This!

  2. Right!? I totally agree, Erika. I want to make all of these :)

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