Fancy Back-to-School Lunch Idea: Kiddie "Kanapés"

/ Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I was admiring this holiday finger food generator from Mark Bittman for the New York Times over the weekend. There are 504 potential combinations when you put together the different bases (crostini, celery stick, etc), spreads (hummus, soft cheese, etc) and toppings, which got me thinking: What a great idea for a mom whose looking for lunchbox inspiration! 

For super littles, I might pack these already assembled but just think about how fun it would be for an older kid to make these and eat these at the lunch table. Just pack the base, spread and toppings in different airtight containers (maybe with a sweet note explaining how to combine? Precious!). My mom used to do that for me with tuna salad and crackers so I could make my own mini crostini and I loved it. 

Which items would you put together? I could go for some cream cheese–roasted red pepper toasts!

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  1. This is an amazing map! It's a great hostess guide with easy nutritious choices.


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