Introducing: Reader Appreciation Day (no. 1)

/ Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's time to instate Reader Appreciation Day. Each week the person(s) who leave the most comments on the blog will get a special shout-out. I love reading your notes. Keep 'em coming! I make a point to respond to each one, so check back now and again! Maybe this will be a good Friday post moving forward. We'll see how it goes!

Erin McKenna of BabyCakes NYC—pix from Hello Giggles.

This week Carlene's Figments commented on this cookie jar post inspired by Sarah Copeland's newlywed cookbook—thanks, Carlene! She writes a beautiful blog that's chockfull of simple, healthful food ideas (Carlene's a registered dietitian, so she knows her stuff!) but I'm really digging her product round-ups, like this collection of neon kitchenware. I may need to buy #6 for our apartment...

TisforTasty, who's actually the lovely Tara O'Keeffe of Fun Fearless Foodie, commented on the same post. Tara is the culinary assistant at The International Culinary Center (previously known as the French Culinary Institute) in NY, so the blog always has some new gem about a cooking lesson, recipe or story from Tara or a chef around town. (Tara and I were in the same class in culinary school—keep on eye on her, she's going places!) She recently posted this recipe for summer berry pudding from Emily Luchetti, the pastry chef at Waterbar in San Fran. Brief Emily Luchetti segway: Have you seen her cookbook The Fearless Baker? Love it!

And finally, the other big-time commenter this week mom. Thank you for always reading, Mama :) Let's plan on a new Reader Appreciation Day on Friday, August 17th. Shake out your fingers and get to it! 


  1. Erin-Thanks for the shout out! As for the product round ups..ah, the benefits of being married to a graphic designer.

  2. Lucky you, Carlene! They look great. I keep trying to get my boyfriend to teach me how to design stuff like that :)


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