Kraft Oreo Drama–Inspired Rainbow Dessert Round-Up

/ Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Have you seen this write-up on Grub Street, yet? Kraft Food changed its official Facebook profile picture from a plain Oreo to this giant rainbow variation yesterday in honor of pride week—way to go Kraft! But the onslaught of hateful posts the page received immediately after was overwhelming—heartbreaking, really—and it appears the company has removed the image as a result. So for all of the vile people out there who feel threatened by the image of 1 multicolored cookie, here are a dozen other rainbow recipes you should really keep away from (because, you know, they might turn you gay). Too bad for you. These treats look mighty tasty....

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  1. wonderful rainbow cookies! nonetheless they'd be better off buying the cookie. Campaign financing needs to be taken into consideration. -

  2. I love that a big company put up and image like that! It's a shame it was taken down though.


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