/ Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome to the launch of SABON's new
organic skincare line...

My, my, my have I been absent. I cannot apologize enough. Life has been more than hectic recently and I've fallen off of the blogging track, but I'm back! Three major things have happened since we spoke last.

1. The SABON event I was prepping for the last time we connected was a success! The party was beautifully orchestrated by the lovely Lee Levy (above), SABON's PR maven. The event was themed around the secret garden and the company's line of 8 new organic products.

2. The Ifft wedding...I traveled to Texas to make 292 cupcakes for my dear friend's wedding, more to come.

3. I moved! Our new apartment still isn't set up to cook (or use the interne.) And you're wondering where I've been?

So SABON. What you see above are two of the eight small bites that we served for the event: mini macadamia tartlets and mushroom ragout on a polenta round with sea salt. The serving platters are great organic pieces that Lee found at West Elm.

The flagship store was decorated with lace tablecloths and wheel barrels filled with fresh fruit to go along with the garden story.

The most popular appetizer of the evening were the salad bites with white bean croutons. I dressed baby arugula with a mustard vinaigrette, tucked the salad into crispy phyllo shells and topped each bite with white beans that were breaded and bake with olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary.

The desserts were my favorite (go figure.) What you have above are the mini olive oil lavender cupcakes with a sweetened mascarpone frosting and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

Another crowd favorite were the roasted cherry tomato and macadamia pesto tartlets (in the middle.) They were served on a shortcrust base with fresh goat cheese. SO yummy! I like to think of it as a garden version of a pizza bagel but much more elegant. Come on, who doesn't love pizza bagels?

The fun arrived when people began digging into the buttercream shots. Banana cupcake pops were coated in dark chocolate, placed in double shot glasses and topped with a smooth buttercream.The toasted almonds sprinkled at the top of the shot gave the one-bite dessert a salty crunch that really sent it over the edge!

Everything was washed down with organic champagne and tea cocktails from a vendor in Brooklyn. If you'd like any of the recipes, please leave a comment and I'll get them posted asap. Enjoy!

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