Red Mango Tangomonium: New Flavor!

/ Thursday, May 7, 2009

I received an e-mail a few weeks ago from Red Mango announcing their latest flavor Tangomonium. The new flavor is a summer treat with notes of citrus and fresh fruit! As yogurt fever continues to take over Manhattan, our favorite frozen friends are coming out with new flavors to peak our interest and steer us away from the competition. Until the fall, all Red Mango locations will feature Tangomonium in addition to their menu staples original, green tea and pomegranate. But just what is Tangomonium? shall see.

Last Saturday all Red Mango locations gave away small free cups of Tangomonium with one topping. In the AM I convinced DF to come with me to test out a frozen breakfast...totally appropriate, it's yogurt! It was surprising to see the line so short inside. Usually when there's free stuff in NYC the masses flock. I guess not many people are brave enough to have dessert for breakfast. Suckas!

Red Mango's publistic could not reveal what exactly the citrus or fruit flavors were in Tangomonium, but DF and I did a pretty good job picking 'em out on our own. The yogurt is a pale yellow with hints of tangerine, peach and mango. It tastes like a tangy, watered down version of a peach creamsicle...that was our general conscensous. Personally, I think I would have liked it better if the flavor was a little stronger. The tang of the yogurt completely overpowered whatever fruit flavor was in the mix. The texture, however, was totally smooth! Now for the toppings...

Funny Story: SO! There were these gummy marshmallow looking things called Mochi so I asked the yogurt guru what they were. The little man behind the counter proceeded to pick up a piece of mochi with his tongs and beckoned me to open my mouth! He dropped the mochi right in there and said, "girls never let me feed them!" Super strange. How do I find these people? Anyway, the mochi were kind of gross. They reminded me of what would happen if a gum drop and a marshmallow got it on and had a mini baby.

DF dressed his treat with mango. Such a better idea! The "fruit and citrus" flavors play well with the fruit topping, go figure. Raspberries might have been a good choice as well.

Final Thoughts: I won't be rushing back for Tangomonium, but it's nice to see the yogurt industry expanding their flavors! If there was just a more flavor, this yogurt could have potentially rocked my world!

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