Snack Time: Dulce de Leche Brownie Bites- Passover Safe!

/ Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good morning loves. Today is Wednesday, meaning it's snack time down at NYU. Each week I make goodies for our 4:55pm class. In the excitement of attending my very first seder last week, I totally forgot to make a kosher for Passover snack for class. In the end, the problem was resolved beautifully:everyone agreed that since the sun was still up, the lemon tassies were safe for kosher & non-kosher consumption. This week I took extra care to make a treat that all classmates could enjoy!

What you see above is a method of thickening yogurt to make it spreadable, like frosting. I covered a bowl with cheese cloth, secured it with a rubber band, poured in a container of Trader Joe 0% Greek yogurt and let it drain over night. In the morning, you're left with a thick, tangy spread that pairs perfectly with dense chocolate cake.

I couldn't decide whether dribbled or swirled Dulce de Leche looked more appealing, so I present both to you! For those of you who will be in class later, I only frosted one brownie bite and then realized that I didn't know if dulce de leche was kosher for right now the brownies are naked. Make a comment before 3pm and suggest a topping that is quick, tasty and acceptable for all snackers this evening!

Recipe & results will be posted last tonight. Enjoy!

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