Chocolate Covered Peeps

/ Monday, April 13, 2009

It's not too late to make chocolate covered Peeps for three reasons: 1. Greek Easter is still a week away, meaning it's totally acceptable to make Eastery goodies for the occasion 2. Peeps went on sale this morning, so chocolate covered peeps a perfect recession snack 3. There are Peeps for every holiday, they're always a la mode!

You will need...
packages of Peeps
24 wooden skewers 
1/2  lb dark chocolate 
tablespoons butter
Sprinkles, candies, nuts, etc. 

1. Place one Peep on each skewer. 
2. Freeze Peeps on sticks until they're hard. 
3. Meanwhile, melt chocolate and butter in the microwave on HIGH using 3o second intervals, stirring in between. 
4. Line countertop with wax paper and set decorations in bowls 
5. Dip each peep in chocolate, shake off excess chocolate and sprinkle with decorations 
6. Set finished Peep on wax paper
7. Freeze Peeps until chocolate hardens completely 

I had a fabulous co-chef for this batch of Peeps who suggested we use my Wilton Toffee Pieces to decorate the Peeps...brilliance!
In the end you'll have an entire colony of sweet marshmallow bunnies. They'd make a great table top decoration standing up in mason jars filled with sprinkles or decorative grass. Hmm, ideas ideas. What else would you want to dip your Peeps in? Enjoy!

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