Breakfast Out at Nana's

/ Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's no secret that breakfast is my favorite meal. I'd rather go out to eat breakfast than anything else. Nana's Restaurant in Tarpon Springs has a breakfast menu that I dream about even when I'm home in NYC.

Tucked in the middle of a strip-mall, Nana's Restaurant is a blacktop oasis. The outdoor dining area is set right in the parking lot but that does not stop crowds of diners from filling the tables starting in the early AM. Planters filled with Johnny Jump-Ups soften the view. You can hardly hear the cars speeding by... Whatever, it's part of the fun!

The trio of Murphy women all had eggs, meat & somethin' off the griddle. Nanny had two eggs over easy with bacon...

Mama had her eggs scrambled with bacon...
I had egg whites with their homemade sausage. By the way, "Hi my name is Erin Phraner and I'm a ketchup addict." It looks really excessive in photos...I can't help it! 

Okay now for the good stuff. Mama and Nanny both had Nana's pancakes, one with the strawberry sauce the other with the blueberries. The photo below shows Katherine's pancakes dressed with soft butter and a mountain of strawberry goodness. She orders them every time! She's a seasoned professional at breakfast ordering. The berries are subtly sweet but slightly tart as well. The juices of the berries soak the pancakes making them even lighter than they began! Strawberry pancakes are a fresh start to a sunny day.

I opted for the raisin bread french toast with blueberry-pecan sauce. I like the fact that it comes sliced in half. It's a filling breakfast and you're technically only eating two pieces of raisin bread. True they're soaked in batter and smothered with berry sauce, but they're less cake-like to me than the pancakes. Plus there are nuts, so there's protein right? This french toast will change you're life. The bread is thin, crispy on the outside and custardy at the center. The sweet blueberries have a slight tang but even out the richness of the bread. The pecans give a nice nutty crunchy to each bite. Nana's raisin bread french toast is a perfectly balanced dish in my humble opinion! No wonder I order it every time.

Our day down here in Tarpon Springs was a 10! From a full breakfast, to an entire day lounging at the beach and a scrumptious evening ahead of us...I wouldn't change a thing. Keep an eye open for our beach-side Cajun Grouper Sandwiches from Frenchy's. They'll be up later this evening. Enjoy!

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