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/ Thursday, November 13, 2008

The holidays are coming, you know why? There are green snowflakes lining W 3rd street, snowman peeps have hit Duane Reed and the pumpkin spice latte is back at Starbucks apparently, though I've never had one myself. You know what this means. Finals are around the corner! Wahoo-just in time to suck up all of the holiday cheer. Will we let them get to us? Never. That's what coffee is for. A coffee break is a academic's nirvana, especially when it's shared with close friends. Our "go to" spot, Think Coffee

We've established a weekly coffee date on Tuesday afternoons, yet you can pretty much find us there on a daily basis. For instance, yesterday Carrie and I met up for a quick caffeine kick. We realized there were no tables. Clearly frustration ensued. "I bet Amaya's here," Carrie said as she stormed past the curtain into the back. Sure enough Amaya was there, propped up at a table, sippin' her joe and readin' a book. Here she's standing, but she was sitting when we first saw her. 

Why we love think coffee so much: 
1. There's extra caffeine in their coffee...says Carrie Goldberg. 
3. Vegan baked goods. I'm not a vegan but it's just cool that they      have them. 
4. Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches 
5. The Barakochino on Election Day 
6. The baristas...if they're male can we call them broistas just for    the hell of it? 
7. Eco-friendly/Fair Trade 
8. Tons of outlets to plug in your laptop
9. Wireless 
10. Live music 
11. Spanish Lattes
...just to name a few. 

Carrie & Carrie's yummy grilled cheese. I'd like to say a few words on their grilled cheese as a matter of fact. They take 10 minutes or less to prepare. There are suggested flavor combinations such as vine ripened tomatoes, pesto and mozzarella or you can build your own melty-wich. They come in a cool basket. They smell amazing. If I could do it without seeming weird, I'd rub their grilled cheese sandwiches on my pulse points so that I could smell like them all day long. I may not get that many dates but hey it's not like I'm raking them in now anyway. Actually,the wafting odor of grilled cheese sandwiches might improve my game. Interesting thought...

I don't want to tell you to go to Think Coffee because then the line's going to be gigantic and it's going to take a lot longer to get to the caffeine...but go to Think Coffee

Question: Where's you're favorite coffee spot & what's your "dream team" caffeine? (If price & the risk of seeming ultra-high maintenance weren't an issue) 


  1. Great Idea about using the Grilled Cheese as a scent, Ill take a bottle of Aoli to sprinkle on my neck any day...
    Bro-ista, Erin you've outdone yourself. I roared with laughter.

  2. Aoli, I love it! Would it be weird to make a Wonton Soup body mist?

    As for the's totally necessary. Glad you giggled :) See you Tuesday?

  3. just to clarify for the foodies that read this lovely lady's blog: the espresso to milk ratio is different at think than at most coffeshops, and I would know, trust me. They walk you through it there on one of their many chalkboards, explaining how it all works. Regardless, the spanish lattes are terrific... and the broistas arent too shabby either ;)

    amaya - hop on that musical note and get yourself some homemade breakfast beverages

    so ya, go... but at odd hours.... no need to make the line longer for us :) See you girls Tuesday!


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