Sunday Dinner on a Saturday Night

/ Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ha, ha! You haven't seen a post market photo in a while have you? Yes, I miss Paris so I'm going back to my old ways. Here is a photo of what I found at the farmer's market yesterday morning... what's to follow is what I did with it. I apologize in advance, we got a bit busy once friends came over so there's far less apres photos than you found from France. 

So these were a new development for me yesterday. Baby eggplants? How have I not seen these before!
My mother hates the combination of fruit into savory dishes, but the peaches were so plump I had to add them into the mix. The chicken was stuffed with fennel, fresh thyme, lemon and garlic and placed on a layer of peaches, squash, eggplant and more garlic. Everything came out nice and crisp, the chicken was incredibly juicy and practically cooked itself. 

Lee & David are two of my most favorite dinner guests (Carrie we missed you!) Thanks for coming over for some oven roasted bird, lovebirds.

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